Chikung & Tai chi


The aim of Chikung is to promote balanced movement of energy in the body. It is enjoyable to do and quite easy to learn. A few minutes of doing this brings that rejuvenating, invigorating feeling. It makes you feel alive. The slow movement allows you to strengthen your ligaments and tendons, promote movement of energy through rhythmic breathing, and improve balance and coordination.

Tai chi

Tai chi is a graceful form of exercise and stretching. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing.  Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. It is a form of mindful meditative movement.

Chikung and Taichi can have an overall positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical well-being. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. It helps improve flexibility, mobility, strength, balance and coordination. It enhances sleep, and immune system and overall wellbeing.

Being a low impact exercise, Chikung and Taichi put minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it generally safe for all ages and fitness levels, especially older adults. If you have any medical condition, please don't hesitate to let Tom know, so he can guide you in how to modify movements that you may find challenging. 

Tuesdays 10am - 11.30am

£10 per session if paid monthly (paid at the beginning of the month).

£13 for pay as you go.

Tom Pena has been teaching martial arts and fitness, including Chikung and Taichi for more than 30 years. He has taught Chikung and Taichi for fitness, recovery, rehab, mindfulness and stress management. He can offer modifications for any requirement to suit all abilities.

Taichi Video on YouTube


For more info, contact:
Tom Pena 07841 704026

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