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Lightning Kali Combatives
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Enjoy authentic Filipino Martial Art training with Guro Tom Pena. Train in impact or edged weapons, and empty hand (strikes, kick boxing, lock and throws). Learn the explosive Lightning Scientific Arnis Style of FMA by Grandmaster Ben Lema from Capiz, Philippines. Immerse in a training curriculum that allows you to enjoy both the art and its practical application in self defense.

Develop the confidence, discipline, and correct mindset in adapting to situations and overcome violent dangers. Learn how to use your environment as your tool for self protection and preservation. Meet new friends, and gain skills that could help you save your life or your loved ones. Whether you want to improve your fitness, mental health, release stress, learn to defend yourself, FMA has something to offer you.

Filipino Martial Art

Also known as Arnis, Kali and Escrima is the national martial arts of the Philippines  a weapon based system focusing on various impact or edged weapons, empty hand or weapons of opportunity. It is a very combat-effective art and is known for its use of adapting to situations, overcoming dangers, and improvising the use of weapons when needed. The weapons training offered in FMA gives you a better sense of range, timing and body displacement against weaponed attacker. It helps you develop the discipline and correct mindset in using tools as force multipliers, mobile barriers or restraints in self defense.

This allows you to handle threats to your life or loved ones with the least amount of damage possible. In training, we emphasize the ethical, moral and legal implications of using any weapon, including the proportional use of force and respect for human life in mind.

Due to its artistic and effective system, FMA has been used in various movies and TV series, like: 300, Black Panther, The Hunted, the Bourne Series, The Oldguard, Extraction, Buy Bust, Maria, Captain America, I Frankenstein, Fast n Furious, The book of Eli, Quantum of Solace, Enter the Dragon, Under Seige, Rambo, Out for Justice, Ballistic, Formless, Ancient Assassins, Arrow, Lucker, Mandalorian, Hannah, Taken and many more

Lightning Scientific Arnis

The system founded by Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema in 1937. Lema was born in Mambusao, Capiz on the island of Panay in the Philippines on March 19th, 1919. He learned his Arnis skills from his father as well as from other masters. He died on January 5th, 2003.

Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of intercepting and redirecting attacks and blind-siding the opponent by going to the off-side and blanketing him with a barrage of continuous strikes while the checking hand constantly pushes, presses and controls his opponent putting him in a constant state of imbalance.

In advanced practice the empty hand will be replace by a dagger to escalate the technology eventually as the practitioner progresses through the discipline.

The organization in Manila, Philippines is headed by Lema’s daughter Patty L. Caballero.


Lightning Scientific Arnis has a wide repertoire of techniques ranging from Solo Baston, Doble Baston, Baston Daga, Espada Y Daga, up to unarmed combat. It covers a wide range of skills for all fighting distances. Lightning Kali Combatives train in other weapons, like: karambit, tomahawk, flexible weapons, EDC tools, etc. All-in-all, it is a complete fighting system.

Guro Tom Peña

A board member of the British Council of Kali Escrima Arnis Instructors and the senior representative of John Escudero Lightning Combative lineage of LSAI. A Lead Instructor of Edge Weapon Awareness Program and Surviving A Knife Attack (formerly No Kie Blade UK) has more than 30 yrs of teaching martial arts and self defense. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido Has a masters degree in sports, and athletics. He is a Performance Enhancement and Mindfulness Life Coach.

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