Do your number skills hold you back? We would like to help you. Multiply is a government funded programme aimed at increasing the numeracy skills of working adults in the UK. Around 17 million adults in England, which is half the working age population, have numeracy skills of a primary school child. We understand numeracy can be intimidating so we aim to implement these skills into everyday tasks such as cooking and sport to make it fun. We call this numeracy by stealth.

As our goal is to increase numeracy skills of adults the first thing we will be offering is courses. We understand the thought of doing maths can make some people hide away so we will not be delivering traditional sit-down math’s courses instead we will deliver fun, relatable and real-world activities that require you to use numeracy. All of this will be accessible from our hub.

Our Hub is open:
Tuesday 9am - 2pm
Friday 9am - 12pm
Other activities may operate outside of the hub opening times and days.
For more information contact: Jordan
01438 314839

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