Multiply - Numbers in Sport


Numeracy and sport go hand in hand.

You can’t have sport without the numeracy and even more so in modern times, with stats constantly being talked about and flashed up on screen. This ranges from points per team, to percentages of possession each team has. If these stats leave you wondering ‘what do they mean?’, then let us help with our new project – integrating the numbers you fear with the sports you enjoy – to gain a better understanding of how it all works.

What we offer:

Access to a wide variety of short term sports courses such as football, basketball, netball, archery and more for you to engage with and enjoy. Within these sports you will get a better understanding of how numeracy is implemented in sport and how to understand what these stats mean.

Next steps:

If you decide that there is more interest and knowledge to be gained we can pass you on to one of our many partners who offer long term courses for you to gain a better understanding. For more information contact:

For more information contact: Jordan
01438 314839

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